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This month's theme is firework and once I get better internet access I will finish edited and uploading all my fun little pictures. I managed to take over 300 shots with my power shot camera. Amazing what that little thing can do.
Here's the post where you viewers and stumblers can go ahead and comment or send me an email to this account with pictures, videos, or whatever forms of art/media showing off you firework.

Have fun my little stalkers!

Drabble; Writting

Title: The Dress
Author: zerimarclassics
Characters: Crystal Walbrow(Creed), Margery Walbrow (Crystal's mother) , Margery's Mother
Notes: Rated PG because no one swears or even makes a subtly dirty joke. I'm more than certain all of us have had that one Easter outfit (or more) that made us wish we could A) roll around in mud or B) jump into a wood chipper. Crystal is two and stuck in this situation. For those of you who don't know, Crystal is my X-Men original creation. I'll post up stuff for her later.

It was a hideous little thingCollapse )


Yeah, homey. I've been busy with the video blog, spamming, school, and generally that crazy thing called life. However, since I've decided to start using this thing a hell of a lot more with the video blog and all other fun tiems.


X-Men Icons; DakenCollapse )


Oh, goodness! She's alive, yes! I'm alive and I have started a few things and made a few new tweeks and changes to me and mine.

One; I've begun my art again, which I am happy about, after a long time of not having the TIME to do it.
Two; VIDEO BLOOOOGGG!!! Yes I have gone full circle and now its time to advertise me and mine. While, at the moment, nothing is too entertaining and its more of a good way to get me up and going, I will be posting one everyday and would appreciate it greatly if I could get some support from my peers and fellow artists. What's a better way to get support than from hundreds of random viewers online.
Three; I plan to start selling prints soon... possibly more.

Three is all you get for now. NOW, ON TO THE ART!

Photos and suchCollapse )


I am bored, and stressed, and procrastinating. SO to keep me from doing... what I should I am now putting this up and spamming it around. Saying to any that would like me too I will make your graphics.

I'm not all that great at Icons, however, I can make banners, posters, and backgrounds for desktop. Which is another way of saying I'm going to be abusing my photoshop.

SO! Here's what I can do, you can supply the pictures, and if you want I can make it a specific coloration.

Here we go:



Debutant Princess - Ficlet

Information on character is found here and at animalpreistess animalpriestess
She's my Princess Bitch. :D

Come in as girls leave as women....maybe...Collapse )
I'd sit on my swing, and would sometimes fall asleep on it.Collapse )

Gallery is here.
Thank you for looking ^^.

And I'm sorry, I don't feel poetic today. Its 12:30 and I just finishing battling over the purpose of life. xP
So here we go.

And to the few darlings I have here, please do me a favor and advertise my photography and writings. I'd like a few more if I could. Thank you. ♥
You might get some fancy graphics soon. Depends on how my muse decides to behave. xD


What: Happy Holidays
Who: Conversational second person
For: the holidays :3
Notes: This is more written from a girls point of view, so boys don't worry.


Some pictures of my Uncle's dog. The greyhound passed away not too long ago, and all of his dogs are rescued animals.
The cat is my pet, Max (short for Maximillian Armand) and the weeine dog is my sisters youngest dog Suzzi.

And in the battle of animals vs. humans - humans hold grudges, animals forget... ahh, what blissful little creatures they are.

don't you wish some people acted the same way?Collapse )